Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anbrothers and Anticipation

Kira has greatly enjoyed St. Patrick's day. Yesterday, she reminded me at least ten times to wear green and at least three times that she is an Irish girl. She requested a story about St. Patrick at bedtime. It is entirely possible, come to think of it, that she enjoyed the day before St. Patrick's day as much as St. Patrick's day itself. She's five years old, and anticipation means the world to her.

Over dinner tonight, she asked me what holiday comes next. I told her that this year, it's Passover. She asked what Passover is. I told her about how our ancestors used to be slaves in Egypt. She asked if she and mama and me were slaves in Egypt. That's a tricky question, because in two weeks, when I start the seder, I will say that we were slaves in Egypt--but now, I feel like I should keep past and present a little more separated. I tell her that if we lived way back when our ancestors did, we would have been slaves with them. We would have had to work all day and been whipped across the back when we felt tired and slowed down. Then I tell her about how Moses went to Pharaoh and go on at some length until our ancestors are on the far side of the Red Sea, free. She askes me again if she and mama and I were there. I say: we would have been. She asks me if her other dad was an "and brother" or "anbrother" or something. I have no idea what she's talking about, but I say sure.

Kira wants to know more about ancestors. She asks me if our ancestors are dead. I say yes, the ones who were slaves are dead, but her grandparents are also her ancestors: Grandy and Grandpa are alive, my parents are alive, Grandma and Grandpa Christensen are alive, Grandma Gill and Bapuji are alive. They are also her ancestors. She says, "But Bapuji is a boy."

I say, "Yes, he is."

She says, "Boys can't be ancestors. You mean anbrother."

I finally realize that to Kira, I've been talking about ansisters for maybe twenty minutes.


  1. Kira Boo is my favorite. She is so good at turning something on its side.


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