Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Tweets

I still haven't learned the art of telling this blog's sort of stories in 140 characters or fewer. So far, I think two tweets, both from 19 Feb, might fit.

The first is about my grandfather's incredible efforts in preserving genealogical information from old Punjabi land records:

My daughter calls cemeteries "dictionaries." My grandfather agrees: he finds meaning by looking up the names of the dead.

The other tweet was meant as a joke, but I think it also gets a bit at the paradox of how the sheer amount of time parents and children spend together can make it feel repetitive and banal even though it's also the most important, and often destiny-shaping, part of our lives:

Sometimes being a parent feels like being the movie Groundhog Day, only with fewer opportunities for redemption.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Book Ate My Blogs

I've been working on a book which seems to have pretty much squeezed out the blog spaces in my day. Since there are still blog spaces in my brain, though, I've decided to start using Twitter once a day or so to capture an idea or memory in a short-short form.

I'll try to post relevant tweets on this blog periodically.
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