Saturday, February 12, 2011

Book Ate My Blogs

I've been working on a book which seems to have pretty much squeezed out the blog spaces in my day. Since there are still blog spaces in my brain, though, I've decided to start using Twitter once a day or so to capture an idea or memory in a short-short form.

I'll try to post relevant tweets on this blog periodically.


  1. You are kidding, aren't you? Am I getting this old?

  2. Sadly, no. I really do want to get back to the blogs, but I am spending a LOT of time writing my book, and it's hard for me to write a "quick" blog post, even when they're fairly short.

    Twitter is so short, I can justify it. And I'll post the tiny bits and piece here.

    I think I still have your email...maybe I can send you chapters from my book...

  3. I'm glad you made time yesterday to help me update your brother's blog (if "help" can be used to mean "do all the work on"). Readers needing a multi-cultural blog fix may want to try



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