Monday, January 25, 2010

Good friends

Friends invite you over for dinner.

Good friends have a custom-made picture as their desktop background when you get there.


  1. This comment is in no real way connected to this post. It's more related to the Brothers Brar post on your other blog, but its topic seems a better fit here. Last night I watched Bride and Prejudice. All through it, I was thinking about what was shown that was similar to my own experiences with Punjabi weddings, and what was different. I was quite surprised that they showed the guests at the wedding all seated together, rather than having sections by gender. I expected the Men's and Women&Children's division I've always seen at these events. I commented to my husband that I'd be surprised if Punjabis in the US were more conservative about that than their counterparts back in "the home place." He said that would actually fit the pattern that's seen with language in immigrant groups: their use tends to be more traditional and conservative than those who remain where that language is native. I'm looking forward to quizzing Dad on this when he gets back, since he doesn't seem to have e-mail access anymore over there.

    Aunt Sheila


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