Monday, February 1, 2010


Kira asked for couscous for dinner tonight and burst into tears when there wasn't any in the cupboard. Luckily, we had some in our "office" (which we use primarily to hang laundry and as an annex to the kitchen--I prefer to write on the couch or in bed). Kira calmed down, I got dinner ready, and life was good.

My dad used to make couscous a lot. Like with oatmeal, he never left it simple. I remember having it with diced apricots, candied ginger, various nuts, spiced chicken.

Here's a question: did my dad get interested in couscous because of his maternal family's connections to the Middle East, because of his visit to Israel, or just because it tastes good?

Here's another question: how did I manage to find a wife who loves buying and cooking the same foods as my dad?

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