Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We got together at my in-laws on Sunday evening as a joint celebration of my brother-in-law's birthday and mine.

I noticed again how much my grandpa smiles when my brothers-in-law start teasing and even wrestling with each other. I'd asked him about it at my wife's birthday gathering several months ago, and he told me seeing Garrett and Brandon reminds him of growing up in the same house with seven of his brothers and (I think) four male cousins.

Countries change and eras change, but some things remain the same.

I love family.


  1. Staying this last week with the family of one of my good friends from college, I watched him wrestling with his five year old brother and remembered when I was the five year old.

  2. When we were in high school, a friend of mine came home from a holiday break and reported that somehow, without his knowledge, he'd gone from being one of the cousins who jumped on people to being the cousin the younger ones jumped on. It was one of those signs of impending maturity that doesn't get mentioned in the child psychology texts.


  3. Happy Birthday anyway...congrats on the Yankles.


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