Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Viva Los Suns

Arizona recently passed an insane immigration bill which makes it legal to arrest anyone who is even with someone who is not carrying immigration papers.

Tonight, the Phoenix Suns NBA team is playing in jerseys that say "Los Suns" as a protest against the bill.

Hopefully immigrant point guard Steve Nash won't be arrested on court for having left his immigration papers in the locker room...

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  1. Considering how we now look back with shame on how we treated Chinese immigrants who built our railroads and Japanese immigrants who happened to live here when World War II started, I am wondering how we will look back on this period. I sincerely hope we will look back from a perspective where Mexico and the U.S. understand how inextricably linked two countries who share a border are. I hope in the future we will have developed a mutual respect and shared economic and prosperity. I hope we will honor the contributions of the people who have put the roofs over our heads, picked our fruits and vegetables, prepared our restaurant food, and recognize that many other people of Mexican descent have contributed in many professional and economic capacities. --Mama Caucajewmexdian


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