Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Maulana Azad Memorial Lamppost of Panipatnam

Just finished my first draft of a story by that name. The story is pretty strange, but I think that central image is good: countries everywhere name streets after famous leaders, and India is no exception. There are probably tens of thousands of Gandhi roads in the country. Maulana Azad was India's first Minister of Education. In my story a boy who, like my uncle's father-in-law, stayed up late studying by the light of a lamppost because his family couldn't afford fuel for use in a light at home, decides that the lamppost in his fictional village of Panipatnam deserves to be named in honor of Maulana Azad in recognition of its key educational function.

There are real universities named after Azad, of course. But I'd like to think he'd be happy to also have a lamppost named after him in my story, as a recognition of the many ways in which people have experienced education.

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